Saturday, April 12, 2008

RC Essentials: Scotty Rocker vs. Reality

Scotty vs Reality (kinda like a Mills & Boon)

As you may know, Scotty Rocker has accepted our request and added Reality Compound!!! So super mega uber happening or what?

But it hasn’t been without it’s dramas though, compound fans!!! Scotty has been quick to admonish us in the appropriate way to express our devotion for an idol of his stature, with respect and humility.

But it’s kinda like a Mills & Boon, where unbridled passions are often manifested early in the story, foreshadowing the turgid, lusty encounters to come.

NB: The producers would like to mention that Scotty has never made any indication whatsoever that he is a homosexual. Any reference to Scotty’s homosexuality is a mere projection of fantasy on the part of Reality Compound, and perhaps this guy Samwise, who suggested to us he might be.

Case in point:

Streetwise Scarlet (comment No. 261 / Nov 28, 2005)

I imagine Scotty has'nt added you because he is really struggling with his homosexuality at the moment and will most definately be trying to avoid all temptation.



Sender: scottyrocker

Subject: dick


who are you? why you being a fuckhead? take my photo off your page and stop being an asshole. U want to make fun of me? come do it to my face. i like all sorts of music so me not adding you wouldnt be cos i didnt like your music. You calling me a homo? you sit on your computer and talk shit cos your a fuckin pussy.your the homo

Sender: Reality Compound

Hey Scott, bro.

I can see how you might have the wrong impression about our thoughts and actions towards you, and I’m sorry if we’ve upset you in any way. It was not our intention.

We are not Fuckheads. We are a bunch of guys who live in Grey Lynn and make hipster music.

I don’t think it is fair for you to ask us to remove your picture from our page. We have not doctored it or changed it in any way from how it appears on your page, and to be honest, would it be fair for Motley Crue to ask you to remove the picture of them from your page? Wouldn’t that come across a little mean-spirited? If you insist, we will consider it, but I don’t think we’re doing anything wrong.

We can’t stop being Assholes, Scotty, we are K rd Hipsters and it’s kinda what we’ve been doing for almost 12 years now. If you feel there is something on our page of a subjective nature that offends you personally, again we are willing to consider it seriously.

We are not making fun of you, that’s unfair. We’re all about supporting the local scene and real people who are a part of it, especially over an American equivalent. Our fan base is constituted mainly of teenage girls situated in New Zealand. We thought you would feel comfortable being projected as a sex symbol, especially as you represent a lot of ideals we respect such as a proud commitment to monogamy and your spiritual beliefs. We thought you would embrace this opportunity to raise your own profile, as well as that of the bands you play with.

And yes we will be coming to your face. Don’t worry about that. We are not ashamed or cowardly. Just let us warn you only this once that any inference to threats of a physical nature are pointless as we are not afraid of physical retribution, and our contempt for it will only incite us and worsen the situation for you.

It’s got nothing to do with our music. Our music is shit, everyone knows that. But we are scene aristocracy. Though our favours are spread thinly when it comes to Hardcore, might I remind you of our presence in the heady days of Balance and Pace Car, we are historians of ways local that are hip, and our archives sag heavy on the shelf. As for Emo . . . well the less said the better. Let there just be an unspoken knowledge between us, that our support will always lie with a New Zealander over an American equivalent. We have no axe to grind.

We never suggested you were a homosexual. This is the message we received:

Streetwise Scarlet (comment No. 261 / Nov 28, 2005)

I imagine Scotty has'nt added you because he is really struggling with his homosexuality at the moment and will most definately be trying to avoid all temptation.


We do not talk shit. Some of our bulletins may be irreverent or perhaps absurd, but are always well received wether on the subject of music, culture, the local scene, science, trivia, sex advice or what have you. We are not a fuckin pussy. A pussy is what Haezell found in her backyard. She called it “Albi” because it is a white one.

And YES, Scotty, if it wasn’t obvious, some of us here are HOMOSEXUALS. We’re sorry if that offends you, but just think that generally we would find homophobia of any form quite abhorrent, and while we cannot claim that we respect your views on homosexuality, we understand and tolerate this as part of your spiritual beliefs. Just remember that homosexuals are people to, and don’t deserve to be victimised for their sexual preferences.

I hope this clears up our position, we honestly felt that the ironic take on yourself you project as this band scene pin up boy was really well done, and a deft touch of profiling. we look forward to meeting with you and seeing your bands play in the new year.

I hope you will be willing to contribute songs, pictures, video or any written copy/statement for our local scene Reality Compound DVD coming in late Jan/Early Feb.

All the best,

Evil Robot

Reality Compound
Style Over Substance
The Further

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