Saturday, April 12, 2008

Classic myspace bulletin 42: We don't need your fucking vote

We don't need your fucking vote

Live and Local? Play at the BDO? Yeah yeah yeah, we know all about that . . . like we need you fucking voting for us in some fuckin' shitty competition to think we're cool . . . fuck that!

We'd just kick everyones arse. Bullshit? Um, like . . . 1200 friends?
Yeah, I said it. But who wants a bunch of shitheads like us playing at the BDO, anyway, we'd be a fucking embarrassment. And like we'd wanna play first thing in the morning to a bunch of twatty squares who turn up before mid-day.

We wanna be in the box with the buffet like fucking last year hanging with Brooke Fraser'n shit, we could be her bit of rough. Then cause a scene, clast some Icons, meet some spunky birds, maybe make half an effort to catch Soulwax, Go! Team, see if Iggy can make it through his set without needing a stretcher . . . but yeah then piss off back to the Compound for a shindig or hootinanny, because it maybe our only chance to hang with our out of town myspace friends.

Vote for one of these guys because they are our friends on myspace too, and obviously desperately need it:

Inverse order
Tomorrow Comes in Silence
Teen Wolf
The Rabble

Well only one of these bands are definately hipster. One of them has a fuckin dumb name and one of them is a bunch of bullshit sell outs. It's amazing they haven't sold their own . . . manager.

But y'know, yeah BDO. way fuckin' hey! Why not stop acting like a human and become part of an obsessive mega throng of scum sucking vampires crawling over one another to get to your fucking precious scene royalty - just for a day? Sounds good.
M.I.A's only playing in Australia. What a fucking crock of shit.

Let's hang around outside and Compound some Reality. Give scenesters shit. Meet some nice birds to add to our collection.
See ya there.

Dei Hamo's gonna rock . . . pfft - as soon as Common turns up it's gonna be NZ Hip Hop sit the fuck down . . .


So what is the difference between Slipknot and The Wiggles? Don't fuckin' laugh it's a serious question!

Both dress up in funny costumes and play for little kids. I swear it was fucking Trick or Treat there were so many 12-year-olds walking round in facepaint.

"broom broom big red car" ?

Do they do that one?

Evil, man. Throw up ya fuckin' goats, maggots!

Oh yeah? Why not come down here and call me a maggot, you fuckin' tosser!

Beastie Boys
John Spencer


Let down:
Le Tigre

Pointing, laughing and shaking our heads:

Fuck Off:
The Streets. If that talent free zone can get a slot, then maybe we should be playing!

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