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Classic myspace bulletin 38: DEATH OF RICK THE GROUSE


Our friend and colleague at the Reality Compound Research Centre, Rick the Grouse, who flew out to help us with our Avian Flu studies as well as record a few songs for his forthcoming pop/punk album left work the day before last complaining he was feeling a bit under the weather.

Has anyone seen him? We left a message on his phone and we're starting to worry . . .

This is fucking getting serious, like has anyone seen Rick for real? Like, maybe if you’re in our around the Grey Lynn area you see a patch of woodland, just have a look around. I mean maybe he’s hooked up and nesting with a fertile hen or two. It’s Rick, y’know? He’s a crazy Grouse.

But we are real worried, especially as he wasn’t feeling to good when we last saw him.

TOMORROW ON REALITY COMPOUND: An episode that will shake you . . .

No. Not fuckin' Rick, man. NO god, no, fucking . . . no. Not Rick, not our fucking ricky you fucking cocksucker!





This is something that has deeply shocked us all but we wanted all of Rick’s friends to know immediately that Rick is no longer with us. Rick, had somehow, contracted the Avian Virus, and he died in his territory sometime yesterday of complications resulting from the Virus. Though he would have died alone, we take comfort in the knowledge that Rick was a Grouse of courage, of dignity, and he would have faced death with strength in his heart, and soul.

All research and recording has been concluded for the day here in the Compound as we cope with this tragic loss.Rick was, quite frankly, a pillar of strength, words can’t describe our loss. Our thoughts are with the family of Rick and all who grieve for Rick with us on this day.

You are with the lord now Rick. Drumming on your little log in a better place than we are now. Here. Without you. We love you, Rick. We always will.

If anyone has like, some words that they’d like us to post up about Rick tomorrow as a tribute, I’m sure Rick’s family, and all of us here at the compound would really appreciate it.

On this day, as we mourn the passing of Rick the Grouse, a bird who was a friend and colleague to many, we celebrate his life in tribute, from those who held him dear:

Evil Robot (S.O.S.)

Rick the Grouse, what can you say. I met Rick through a mutual friend of ours, Ambrozia Macbeal, and I was just really impressed with his whole attitude to life. His spirit lifted us up like a whirlwind of passion and light, it soared above us, as his soul now does soar above the woodland floor he made his home. His work on the little baby bird sized hankies will not be forgotten. As we commit his body to the earth, and his soul to the heavens we think and pray for you Rick, and the many birds and humans that have been given life through your work.

We would like to mention that Rick had found love in his life when he passed, but not with a fertile hen or two as he planned. The Malink entered Rick’s life here on Myspace just less than a week ago and it’s pretty fair to say that there was a connection there. Rick spoke of her as “Kind of a big nasty looking rat with extra sharp teeth” who had assured him “Malink’s don’t eat Grouses.”

Turkey Berserkey (S.O.S.)

I’m just gonna fuckin miss you, Rick man. You were a fuckin funny cunt, dude. You used to crack me up and it’s just fuckin so shitty we ain’t gonna be able to get our stone on and do crazy shit. Rick, man, we’ll remember you man, we will, man. You will always be like part of the Compound and shit, dude.

Matt (The Further)

Hi everybody, I’d just wanted to read these Slowdive lyrics, like honour of fuckin’ Rick’n shit.

The sunshine girl is sleeping
She falls and dreams alone
And me I am her dagger
Too numb to feel her pain

The world is full of noise here
I hear it all the the time
And me I am her dagger
You know I am your world

I thought I heard you whisper
It happens all the time

She whispers while I’m sleeping
I love you when you smile
I didn’t really use you
I just lost it for a while

Yeah that’s it. Cheers, Rick man.

Haze (The Further)

Poor little Rick. I barely new him, but I lovedhim anyway. Perhaps if I was a fertile hen, things would have been different between us.

MC’s Peter Blake MF (Viaduct Thugz) + Poon Tang Marx (S.O.S.)

We just both wanna say that Rick was just another little homie cut down in his prime in the everlasting conflict that is the ghetto. Yet he was struck by the force unseen, and he sends a message to all the young G’s on the street, holding it down for real – you never know when or where it’s gonna come. You just gotta keep thuggin’ till the end like our little homie Rick. Peace Rick, you is our nigger for ever and always, in this life and the next.

MC I’m Ian Curtis [deceased] (S.O.S.)

Some choose to never look inside themselves, they’re too afraid of what they’ll see. For those who never look beyond the light, will never know what they believe.

I'll be waiting for when you come through processing, Rick bro. I'll show you round your new home: the afterlife! and I'll show you how to open up a channel to the living world. It'll be all good!

DJ Romantech (Data:bass Net)

You guys are fucking goofballs. It’s a bird. It’s a fucking picture of a bird. It’s a fucking .jpg. Why don’t you guys write some fucking music or something rather than dicking around on myspace all night. I got mad releases, yo. I got fucking mad gigs coming up. This shit real, believe it.

Catguts and the Big Bang Theory


309z Media:

We at (309Zmedia) are shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Rick.

We we first met rick sitting at Ibiza (club of the stars ) situated on Aucklands Boulevard of dreams. we admit that we hated him. He was sitting there with a jim beam and coke wild eyes , watching waiting for the jackpot on the pokies to be won.
He was cracked up to the eye balls and he took to us , not like the mild mannered grouse that he was, but like a grouse posessed, possessed by the scourge of our nation "p".
Afer much flapping and pecking and name calling and biting , thankfully his manager Romantech came to his rescue, as I was seconds away from crushing his skull with my size 10 Vans. We sat down and then started drinking, we moved on to his favorate "Famous Grouse" a brand which reminded him of his fledgling days in the K rd junta. From that point we got on famously, many hens did I see him meet , and watch fall in love with his street savvy ways and his blinged up gangsta lean.
We became very close as the days went on and he asked me only recently, "make sure that Fuckin manager of ours Romantech gets nothing in my will": It was almost like he knew that the end was near, and now that i think of it? I think he did.
I jus hope and prey that the public outcry will be long and full of wailing, cause thats what "Ricko" would have liked. He would have liked all of his fans to remember him as a majestic soaring spirit rather than the way he left this plain, a sad lonely grouse with no one to find him and no one to help him blow his nose with a little beak hankee..

In the words of Beth from Portishead and remembering Rick at his favorate spot Brazil on Krd latte in claw, Breathe on Little Grousey, breathe on.

You will always be missed rick,

Scream Louder than Fiction:

[he leaves] such a whole in so many individuals lives especially before a maths exam. I am deeply shocked and frankly numb.


Rick the little log drummer will be sorely missed. he may have been little but he filled a big place in my heart.

We'd just like to end the service with a recital of Rick's favourite choral piece from Brahms "How holy is thy dwelling place."

In loving memory:

RICK THE GROUSE (2001 -2005)

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