Thursday, April 03, 2008

Classic myspace bulletin 37: I see dead people

I see Dead People
This is for all the dead people on our friends list and paranormal enthusiasts.

Are you guys getting the "happy holidays" banner from ""?

We're picking up strong messages from the other side that evil is at work.

Can you see a couple of bodies in that fire? I think Santa did them in, the wicked old bugger!

We would mount a paranormal investigation, but we're still trying to work out wether aliens and ghosts can talk to one another. This is the major direction of our research at the moment, and would obviously be a major breakthrough.

We don't really get into the fighting evil spirits thing - last thing we need after last nights boozing session is another haunting or possesion in the Compound, and our circle of protection is looking a little worse for wear!

Anybody reading this who is dead and would like to help, can contact us through our friend Ian Curtis.

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