Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why do girls do myspace surveys?

Why do girls do surveys???

I have met some amazing chicks here in my time on myspace.

Intelligent women. Creative women. Beautiful women.

But they just can’t stay away from those dumb surveys where they tell everyone all these boring trivial minute details of their mundane lives!!!

Is it a deep genetic impulse known as the cleo/cosmo reflex?

Not a lot of research is available on the subject.

(ie by googling "why do girls do myspace surveys")

But it has been mooted that chicks are very much into "self discovery" and learning about "who they really are".

See I already know I’m smarter than most people I meet it’s just up to me to make more money and date more models to prove it - oh and of course to present this ultra rationalised shallow facade to the world and see who buys it.

but this bulletin isn’t about that.

It’s about another funny old thing I’ve noticed, I even do it myself.

Look at your comments. Especially your PCs.

Have you noticed how often people say the same thing as others without even thinking?

For example:

One person says "Hey Matt, cool pic, nice hair, blah blah . . . "

the chances that the next people to comment will start with the word "hey", will use the adjective "cool" or mention my "hair" is dramatically increased.

I dunno, maybe people don’t really think that much.

Or they tend to treat their brains as a sponge for soaking things up and squeezing them out, rather than a muscle and working it.

See if you notice what I’m talking about

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